It will be your responsibility to arrange for the yacht to be delivered to a pre-agreed destination at a specified time for lifting. If arriving by water, you will need to contact the Peters & May Loadmaster who will confirm the berth location and the positioning required for lift.

Once alongside the vessel, lifting gear will be carefully positioned by the Loadmaster and diver ensuring slings are safely supporting your yacht. Once satisfied the crane will lift the yacht and she will be offered up to cradles aboard the vessel. Final adjustments will be made before settling and lashing the yacht to the cradles and/or deck using lashing points such as cleats and bollards. Final checks and preparations are made before your yacht is ready for shipping.

Yes – however, this is subject to our approval and as such we will require technical drawings of the cradle. You will need to make your own arrangements to transport your cradle to the vessel. If you don’t have a cradle and are looking to guarantee the safe shipping of your yacht; Peters & May can assist. Our in-house technical team are experts in bespoke cradle design and maintenance, meaning we can develop a cradle tailored to the exact requirements of your yacht. 

As the face of Peters & May our Loadmasters are at the center of all marine logistics. Dealing with port staff, stevedores and agents worldwide; they have a wealth of experience in bespoke logistics. Loadmasters are responsible for

  • Preparing all required loading and discharge equipment
  • Overseeing and managing load and discharge operations
  • Coordinating third parties including divers, ship crews, surveyors etc.

To learn more about the team who load your yachts.

With all loading's, we give a 15-day window for shipment in which your yacht must be available. The reason for this is based on the consolidation of yachts wanting to ship from A to B during the same period. Through economies of scale we can ensure we offer customers the best rate for shipping if consolidation is an option. Secondly, until all bookings are finalized the vessel cannot be nominated. Vessel schedules can vary, requiring flexibility in loading date.


Costs for transporting a yacht are based on numerous factors making it difficult to provide a reliable quote without certain information. Factors influencing pricing range from yacht dimensions and shipping destinations, to seasonality and requirements for added services such as divers, insurance and surveys. To learn more read our guide to yacht transport pricing or submit your details to speak to our experts and request a quote.

Extra Services

Generally speaking, annual hull insurance only provides cover for normal boating activities and does not cover transportation. Peters & May are however proudly in partnership with Pantaenius Yacht Insurance as one of the world’s leading yacht insurance brokers. Like Peters & May, Pantaenius are renowned for offering first-class bespoke solutions covering all the insurance needs that our customers require, whether you are looking to transport a Leisure Boat, Racing Yacht, Superyacht or Commercial Cargo. Speak to our experts or request an insurance quote.

Customs clearance and documentation can be daunting and complex, varying depending on the nature of cargo transported and geographies of where it will end up. Implications of getting this wrong can be costly. Peters & May are experts in Customs & VAT for imports and exports worldwide. Our in-house Customs & VAT Manager is knowledgeable in all current Customs & VAT legislation including Customs Declaration Service. As such our expert is on hand to support you step by step or take the paperwork out of your hands completely so you can rest assured.