Meet the agents behind Peters & May's worldwide network

From Portugal to the Maldives, Turkey to Australia; Peters & May have a complex network of carefully selected agents based around the world. With 12 international offices you can find our teams worldwide. However, as a growing business… our team still need a helping hand every now and then! That is where our agents come in!   

All of our agents are part of the Peters & May family, fundamental to the success of the world leading reputation Peters & May hold. As a globally operating company, interesting projects can take our experts anywhere in the world. From the remote locations of Namibia to the industrial epicentres of Portugal; wherever the location Peters & May where necessary, work closely with local agents to get the job done.

Today, Peters & May celebrate one of our longest established partnerships ‘down under’ with Aurora Global Logistics of Australia. Established as partners back in 2011, together we have worked in tandem on hundreds of exciting projects. As one of Australia’s largest yacht logistics companies, the primary goal of Aurora centres around quality customer service, something Peters & May are advocates of. Since 2011 when the partnership began, customers have benefited from first class international and domestic shipping solutions via road, air and sea.

David Holley, CEO of Peters & May is a true believer in the relationships held with agents worldwide: “Each of our agents are experts in their given geographical locations, with deep knowledge on customs regulations, tax, and any import/export legal requirements. Australia itself is a niche market when it comes to logistics, so being partnered with Aurora as one of Australia’s largest freight forwarders and customs brokers, brings with it undeniable value”.

It is through the development of these relationships that Peters & May have become renowned globally as a leading bespoke logistics provider in yacht transport, commercial cargo and global freight forwarding. “With each relationship our network grows” explains David Holley, “Aurora themselves, like our other agents, have their own web of professional connections worldwide. If they do not have the expertise required in a certain region, our agents have other certified partners that will do.”

Like with any partnership, the benefits work both ways as explained by Jason Roberts Owner and Director of Aurora Global Logistics “Peters & May have an unrivalled reputation for their work. To be in association with a fellow market leader only strengthens our service offering. Peters & May hold some great associations and relationships within our industry which of course Aurora Global Logistics benefit from”. 

After 7 years of successful partnership, the relationship between Peters & May and Aurora Global Logistics continues to develop. Like Aurora, Peters & May want to thank all our agents for the fantastic work they do with our teams; working hard to exceed client’s expectations every time.