Shipping Destinations

With Peters & May, the world really is your Oyster!

Over 45 years of experience as a bespoke logistics specialist puts Peters & May at the forefront of yacht shipping worldwide. With 12 strategically placed offices across the globe, alongside a complex network of internationally approved agents; Peters & May are always in the perfect position to move cargo from A to B, wherever the destination.


Seasonal Sailings

Offering frequent sailings based on seasonality and events, Peters & May’s core trade routes prove popular with Racing Yacht customers and private individuals looking to transport a boat. As the preferred logistics provider to some of the world’s most prestigious yachting events including Antigua Sailing Week and the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, Peters & May’s Carrier Team tailor their seasonal mast-up services according to demand.


Transatlantic Services

Peters & May regularly ship yachts across the Atlantic, both Eastbound and Westbound. Running frequent sailings, throughout the year these Transatlantic Shipments are popular with clients shipping their yacht between the Mediterranean, USA and the Caribbean.

Stopping at various ports throughout the Mediterranean, Westbound Sailings see shipments from Europe to the Caribbean, before heading north up America’s East Coast to major ports including Fort Lauderdale and Baltimore. Following the end of the popular Caribbean Yachting Season, Eastbound sailings transport yachts home back from the US and Caribbean, to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. A popular route with participants of both Antigua Sailing Week and the ARC, Peters & May regularly book record-breaking shipments such as the 52-Yacht Sailing from Antigua to Southampton at the end of the Caribbean Season 2018.

Peters & May Sailings:

  • Eastbound (February to May)
  • Westbound (August to November)

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Mediterranean Services

One of Peters & May’s most frequent services, the Mediterranean Southbound Service, transports yachts from Northern Europe, down to various Mediterranean ports - ideal for those looking for a Mediterranean yachting getaway.  Peters & May’s Northbound Service transports cargo from Turkey, through various ports in the Mediterranean before heading towards Northern Europe and the Baltics. These prove a popular sailing with Mediterranean yacht manufacturers, moving new yachts into the Northern European market.

Peters & May Sailings:

  • Northbound (twice monthly)
  • Southbound (once monthly)

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Far East/Middle East Services

With the development of the Far East in recent decades, shipments to and from these regions have become increasingly popular. Westbound Sailings from the region, move cargo from the Far East and Middle Eastern ports, towards select Mediterranean ports. Eastbound Sailings on the other hand, head from Europe to the Middle East and beyond – taking yachts as far as Brisbane in Australia!

Peters & May Sailings:

  • Eastbound (September to December)
  • Westbound (February to May)

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One-off Sailings

For those looking to transport their yacht to more remote or rare destinations, sometimes scheduled sailings are not suitable. Peters & May also offer one off sailings to ports across the globe. These sailings prove particularly popular with clients looking to transport larger Superyachts and Commercial Cargo where solo use of a vessel is often required. With specialist Loadmasters and experienced teams, Peters & May are able to ship cargoes of all sizes from Wind Turbines to some of the world’s largest Superyachts across destinations worldwide. A great example of which can be seen in the Flo-Flo shipment of 63-meter Superyacht Utopia from Genoa to New York.


Liner Service

Having developed strong relationships with vessel carriers around the world; Peters & May are also able to provide yacht transport to destinations worldwide on a Liner Service, arranging your space on Container Line and Ro-Ro Vessels travelling across the world’s oceans. This service offers great flexibility, with fixed shipping dates on a weekly basis from and to every major port in the world. Working in conjunctions with Peters & May’s sister company Bespoke Load Solutions, Flat Rail & Cat Cradle can offer clients a great way of shipping oversized and awkward cargo at an affordable price. Whether your yachts destination is the Med, Atlantic, Far East or Pacific, there is a liner solution to suit your needs all year around.

With so many routes available to customers, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is choosing the right destination!

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