Sponsorships and Associations

Our position as a provider of yacht transport and freight forwarding and courier services is endorsed by our membership of industry associations.  We are also proud to sponsor marine events that benefit sailors internationally. Find out more about our relationships and our charitable works below.


Providing sponsorship to events and sailing organisations is a way for corporate companies to give back to the community within which they operate. As a business that has operated in the yacht transportation sector for many years, Peters & May are proud to support key events with funding or organisational support they need. As a sponsor we bring valuable advice on the logistics of transporting race yachts, equipment, and support vessels.



Adherence to best practice and the adoption of local, national, and international policies and regulations are key to our business model. Peters & May are committed members of our industry’s leading associations.


For many years Peters & May has been committed to taking its part in supporting those in need.